Lang-8 Writings & Corrections


2012년 12월 10일

I made my first journal entry in Lang-8 today.  Apparently I did a pretty good job, lol.

That said, it’s a pretty canned piece that I’ve been perfecting for a while now, so I’m not that encouraged by it.  Here’s what I need to add to Quizlet and memorize:


  • 운영 – management
  • 운영하다 – to manage
  • 고향 – hometown
  • 졸업 – graduation, completion of a course
  • 졸업하다 – to graduate, to complete a course
  • 졸업한 후에 – after (I) graduated
  • 개월 – month

Grammar Patterns:

  • Place(으)로 온 후에 – after (I) came to (a place)
  • Verb게 되다, i.e. 좋아하게 되다 and 시작하게 되다 – per Korean Wiki Project

Verb + 게 되다: This is used to describe how something or someone comes to be in or becomes a certain state or how something happens, often by chance or fate.  For example: 한국에는 어떻게 오게 되었어요? = What brings you here to Korea?

Thus, 한국 말과 문화를 좋아하게 되어서 한국어 공부를 시작하게 되었다 = Because (I) liked Korean language and culture (by fate or random luck, which brought me to KCCLA and exposed me to the language), I started to study Korean (to live out my fate of studying the language).

Common Noun-Verb Pairings:

  • 수업을 듣다* = to attend a class (*Note: 듣다 = a ㄷ irregular verb that I need to practice more)



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