My Daily Study Log

2012년 12월 10일

Today (I guess technically it was yesterday), I:

  1. Made my first post on Lang-8, and reviewed it thoroughly after I received the correction.
  2. Finished the Introduction of Integrated Korean: Beginning 1.  It was all review, but I benefitted from a rehash of the pronunciation rules.
  3. Finished the first dialogue in A Historical, Literary and Cultural Approach to the Korean Language.
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Complete enough for me to start studying, anyway.  I’ll be adding a significant amount more content and making a few revisions as needed, but I have enough to embark upon my journey; it’s time to buckle down and push forward, once and for all. I am indebted to the author of and the linguistic master in the video above, Enes Kaya, for providing me with the motivation to finally make this project happen.  If I have any viewers (I really hope my Google Analytics account hasn’t started working yet, or I’m probably talking to myself), come back to check out my first blog post tomorrow.

자, 합시다!

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