I will finally resume my study plan tomorrow.

Weekday Routine

Morning (1.5 hours):

    1. Quickly read each lesson for that day and scan the dialogue of one scene from 응답하라 and one KBS news article, compiling a list of all unknown words and grammar patterns – add them into Quizlet (for short-term memory drills), and add them to the master vocab and grammar lists in Anki (for long-term memory drills).
    2. Copy each lesson and video dialogue into LingQ, highlighting all unknown words.
    3. Spoken Shadowing: Shadow all of the lessons prepared the day before (including reviewing the two prior lessons from each source).  On the third day, perform an intensive review of everything.

 Commuting (Morning and Afternoon, 1 hour): Review Quizlet flashcard bundle in the morning, and listen to TTMIK daily podcast in afternoon.


 Part A (2 hours):

    1. Perform a quick flashcard review.
    2. Silent Shadowing: Shadow each lesson until the meaning is fully internalized.
    3. Review the grammar notes and complete the written exercises in the book for each lesson.
    4. Scriptorium: Copy each lesson again in your Scriptorium Journal, reading the dialogue out loud as you write.
    5. Speaking Drills: Using YT Park’s speaking Korean as a guide, perform speaking drills with 순신 for each lesson studied that day.

Part B (2 hours):

    1. With LingQ open, watch the KBS news article and the current scene from 응답하라1997 over and over, pausing drama when necessary to internalize meaning for one and a half hours each.

 Part C (2 hours):

    1. Review the flashcards you studied that day in Anki (create a master list and add to it every day – try to keep daily word count under 100 words… will be harder in beginning with the listening content, but do you best).
    2. Study 20 new cards plus perform review work from the 6,000 most common Korean vocabulary Anki list.
    3. Study 20 new cards plus perform review work from the KoreanGrammaticalForms.com master grammar list.
    4. Study the Hanja course in Memrise.

Weekend Routine

Perform everything above as normal, but incorporate the following elements into your studying with the extra free time each day:

  1. Perform drills for sounds you struggle with from The Sounds of Korean textbook for one hour.
  2. Devote a full hour to reviewing all of the grammar pattern bundles studied during week in Anki.
  3. Study A Handbook of Korean Verbal Conjugation for one hour.
  4. Translate a chapter from the Catcher in the Rye, study flash cards, and shadow the passage.
  5. Translate a news article from 부동산114, study flash cards, and shadow the passage.
  6. Lang-8: Create a passage to submit to Lang-8 for review by a native speaker.